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How can we increase involvement Our Actions?


Our Actions empowers charitable activity by creating a pathway to meaningful task-based project opportunities at our social impact organization. We created a new approach that would inspire more people to start contributing to their communities.


We did the research and concluded that the student loan problem in the U.S. has reached epidemic proportions to over $1.5 trillion. Over 50 million America have student loan debt and the average graduate owes more than $36,000.


Our Actions host task-based project opportunities and that provides student loan borrowers eligibility for Loan Forgiveness.  We will reward active borrowers that participate with eligibility for the 10 year Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.


Since then, we've been helping student loan borrowers who give back, receive forgiveness. Our Actions list programs so College Debt Services and Nonprofit Job Placement, finds the talent they need. Borrowers find inspirational programs and build their skills by doing something they love in underserved communities. It's a win-win-win!

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