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Cut to Fit

Cut to fit is a Barbershop and Community Closet.



Our mission:


Cut to fit is the communities first non- profit Barbershop and Community Closet. At Cut to fit our experienced licensed professional barbers offer high-quality barber services to the people in the community that need and want them for zero cost to them.


Through our Community Closet program, we offer professional clothing to those people who need them in order to effectively to transition from dressing for the j.o.b. they currently have into dressing for the career they hope to obtain.




Our services are free to those who need them.


  • Free haircuts

  • Mentorship

  • Leadership

  • Softs skills training

  • A book-rich environment for school-age children.


Our Actions are made possible through charitable contributions from people like you, as we are supported 100% by donations.


We thank you in advance for your donations and support.




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