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Educating on the importance of financial awareness.


  • Learning to live on a budget

  • Maintain and balance a checking and savings account

  • Discuss the various forms of investments that are available (i.e. stocks, bonds, Roth IRA)

  • Learn about money and budgeting

  • Show ways how to meet financial goals


Addresses the needs of soon to be High School graduates with topics that include what recent graduates should know about the real world.


  • Introduce them to at least two people who could be helpful to them.

  • Visit a college campus.

  • Learn how to plan for the future.

  • Learn about dating, relationships, and love, including handing failures and successes.

  • Show mentees the difference between J.O.B. vs Career vs Entrepreneur Theory. What education or training you have to acquire, and how you make a choice.

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