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Student Loan Forgiveness

Our Actions is a foundation that empowers charitable activity by creating a pathway for meaningful project opportunities at social impact organizations. All of this is done, while helping federal student loan borrowers, like you, qualifying for the 10-years Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.



  • Save 10 year on your current repayment length.

  • Only make 120 payments and the remaining balance will be forgiven. 

  • Increase Community Involvement

  • Loan Amount Forgiven is Income tax free

We have a special employment opportunity available by completing the simple tasks below on a monthly basis will ensure that you meet the full time employment requirement for us. Your role would be Fundraiser and the job responsibilities include but are not limited to:


 As a Fundraiser, your day-to-day work will involve:


  • Perform Good Deeds

  • Raise a minimum of $20 per month to help fund Our Actions programs. 

  • Wear Our Actions bracelet on avg for 30 hours a week. 

Complete the list below to become a part of our team.


To Do:

  • Application 

  • Our Actions Agreement

  • Initial Fundraising Contribution

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